We like to think of ourselves as “philanthropic venture catalystsin the fight against Alzheimer’s.

Our focus is 100% on funding research that promises to accelerate finding a cure. 

All John Douglas French Alzheimer's Foundation funding is concentrated at universities within the state of California (where the greatest consortium of Alzheimer's researchers is located).

Our non-profit, charitable foundation fills a unique—and highly valuable niche—by providing funding for innovative research projects that otherwise might not be funded through pharmaceutical or governmental grants. These vital projects enable scientists to gain greater knowledge and understanding of the workings of the disease—at its most fundamental level—the essential first step to ultimately discovering a cure.

To date, our success in the support of breakthrough research has been very encouraging. 

  • Since the inception of the Foundation in 1983, over $20 million has been invested in 195 scientists

  • Three of the four major genetic discoveries in Alzheimer's have been made by scientists in projects supported by JDFAF: Drs. Rudolph Tanzi, Peter St. George-Hyslop, and Gerard Schellenberg.
  • JDFAF funded the early stages of the research on  prions and Alzheimer’s disease, conducted by Dr. Stanley Prusiner (Chairman of JDFAF's International Scientific Advisory Board) for which Dr. Prusiner received the Nobel Prize in Medicine. 

  • JDFAF was rated one of the top two non-profit organizations in health care by the Michael Milkin Foundation, which analyzes and reports on the quality of operations, as well as the efficiency of non-profits. 

  • The Philanthropy Advisory Service has rated JDFAF among the best in terms of annual revenue directed to research support.