First Alzheimer's Drug Shown in Early Stage Clinical Trial to Remove Beta Amyloid Plaque and Slow Cognitive Decline.

As of the end of last year (2014), more than two-hundred forty-four Alzheimer's drug compounds have been tested, with failure rate that exceeds 99 percent.  

But a new treatment is showing real promise in early stage clinical trials.

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A Non-Drug Therapy May Show Promise.

Axona®, a new, prescription dietary supplement (non-drug therapy) is not a replacement for drug therapies that target the chemicals that brain cells need to function, instead, Axona addresses another factor influencing reduced cognition—diminished cerebral glucose metabolism (DCGM). 

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A Blood Test that Could Diagnose Alzheimer's Shows Promise.

In what might prove to be an important advance in getting treatment to Alzheimer's patients as early as possible, UCLA researchers have found that a simple blood test might be developed that could diagnose patients with Alzheimer's.

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