Should you let your son play football, considering the risks for brain damage?

There has been increasing awareness of the long-term effects of brain trauma.  Recent studies have confirmed that a history of at least one mild-traumatic brain injury increases the likelihood of dementia later in life.

With that in mind, parents face a tough decision.

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A Non-Drug Therapy May Show Promise.

Axona®, a new, prescription dietary supplement (non-drug therapy) is not a replacement for drug therapies that target the chemicals that brain cells need to function, instead, Axona addresses another factor influencing reduced cognition—diminished cerebral glucose metabolism (DCGM). 

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After decades of dead-ends, and frustration, researchers are looking in a new direction for the cause of Alzheimer's. 

A new study by the Mayo Clinic published in Brain, points to Tau Protein—not Amyloid (the agent long thought to be the cause of Alzheimer's) as the primary driver of the disease.

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